What's in a name? Coming up with a sweet nickname

I'm a nickname person. I always have been. I still call my brother "Bubba."

So it's only expected that I come up with nicknames for the little ones in my life. I didn't have a hand in naming your kid, but I will name your kid. Fight it all you want.

There are a couple of ways I've come up with nicknames.

Come up with one before the baby is born.

Before my niece was born, I posted a photo on Instagram about how I was already going crazy buying clothes for her. We didn't know her name yet, but she was my first niece, and after three nephews, I was excited to buy clothes for a little girl.

And so she was named "Booger." Seems a little harsh, but I softened it once she was born, affectionately calling her "Boogie." I've used it so regularly for the past five years that I confuse people when I use her real name.

Let the name choose you

When my best friend's daughter was born in July, I had every intention of calling her something other than what I call her now. I came up with two nicknames I knew would be great: "Evie girl" and "VV"

Know what I call her? "Bunches." She's just so darn sweet, I started calling her "Honey Bunch" after I started watching her twice a week. Then "Bunch." Then "Bunches."

Do you have any special nicknames for your little ones?

What's in a name? Coming up with a sweet nickname
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