17 thoughts that cross your mind when your BFF has a baby

If you're like me, you've had a couple years since wedding season barged its way into your life like the Kool-Aid man. And now things are totally different. Now instead of buying bridesmaid dresses and whatever the cheapest registry item at Pottery Barn is, we're buying cute miniature outfits we wish we could pull off.

Having a friend who has a baby is incredibly rewarding. And by that I mean you get to chill with a child you did absolutely no work to get.

These are the thoughts I had immediately after my BFF had a baby, and I have a feeling I'm not alone here.

  1. I can't believe my friend is a mom.
  2. Does that make me an auntie?
  3. I can't believe I'm an auntie.
  4. I need to clean up my act.
  5. No, it's fine. I'll just be the cool auntie.
  6. Can I bring alcohol to the hospital? My friend is in desperate need of a drink.
  7. OK, let me hold that baby!
  8. Wait, no -- I'm not ready! What if I drop her? 
  9. What if I break her?
  10. Can she see me?
  11. Is she comfortable?
  12. Does she like me?
  13. Did we just become best friends?
  14. OK, she's crying -- take her back.
  16. Someone grab "The Baby Whisperer" a glass of wine.


What were your first thoughts when your friend had her baby? I remember being so nervous when I was holding the baby for the first time and as soon as I gave her back I was ridiculously confident about my baby skills.

17 thoughts that cross your mind when your BFF has a baby
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