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Welcome to my site. I hope you take some time to look around and leave your thoughts and feedback. All of my planters and candles are handmade and one-of-a-kind (trust me, I’ve tried to recreate some of them exactly and it’s impossible!). I’m not so great at keeping up with the blog (working on it!), but I am great at updating you with my latest designs on social media.

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My favorite naptime songs that don't suck

My favorite naptime songs that don't suck

Naptime, am I right? It can be calming and relaxing -- though depending on the child it can be exhausting and frustrating. Some will go to sleep easier than others. While every child is different, this auntie remains the same. And I am tired (pun unfortunately intended) of listening to the same lame songs. You know what I'm talking about: the ones that sound like they were created with a toy piano and are sad, depressing variations of basic songs you tolerate.

Here's my naptime playlist of songs I'll play to get the little ones to sleep. Do they always work? Of course not, but at least I can listen to the music I like while being yelled at.

  1. Superpower - Beyonce (feat. Frank Ocean)
  2. Blue - Beyonce 
  3. What About Us - Flume & Chet Faker
  4. Pretty Wings - Maxwell
  5. Biking (Solo) - Frank Ocean
  6. Sparks - Coldplay
  7. Ordinary People - John Legend
  8. Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
  9. Take It From Here - Justin Timberlake
  10. Sunset Lover - Petit Biscuit
  11. Lights Down Low - MAX
  12. Location  - Khalid


Oh wow, I didn't realize how I could go on and on and on. What are your favorite slow songs that help keep you sane during naptime?

My favorite naptime songs that don't suck

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