Flying solo? Here are 5 ways to handle Valentine's Day when you're single

There’s nothing wrong with being single. Like everything in life, being single is what you make of it. (I choose to make it be one awesome party where I can do whatever I want whenever I want.)

And no matter how secure you are in your singlehood, Valentine’s Day manages to pop its corny self into your life and remind you of it. Seriously. Is there any greater reminder that you’re alone than on Valentine’s Day?

Sometimes it’s not so easy to treat Feb. 14 like any other day, so here are five ways to handle Single Awareness Day when you’re not cuffed up and all of your couple friends are too busy celebrating to hang out with you.

1. Watch a movie or show with good love scenes and messed up relationships

Why not watch something that reminds you that being a couple is exhausting, a lot of hard work and, frankly, occasionally downright awful? My recommendation: Unfaithful starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere. It’s got some great love scenes, and it’ll really make you appreciate being single. Trust me.

2. Show some love to the person you love the most -- yourself (self care)

Do something special for yourself on Valentine’s Day. I’m not talking about your regular routine. I’m talking something out of the ordinary and extra special, like dropping some money on a massage or having an all-out DIY spa day. The truth is, no one knows you better than yourself, so who better to give you the best gift? I’d take a massage over a heart-shaped box filled with chocolates any day. (Especially since you can get those chocolates yourself on sale the day after V Day.)

3. Send Valentine’s Day cards to people you love

There’s something oddly therapeutic about sending cards out to people. First of all, I love getting mail that isn’t bills, so it makes me extra excited to give that happy feeling to others. But doing this forces you to realize you’re really not alone, and more importantly, you have some amazing people in your life who truly love you.

4. Throw yourself into your side hustle

Now’s the time. You have a few extra hours since all your couple friends are going out anyways. Why not make that time as valuable as possible? Use this time to start a side hustle or continue working on your current one.

5. Volunteer

If you’re feeling down and out, maybe a change of scenery is what you need. I recommend working with a nonprofit and taking time to volunteer. Not only does volunteering help others, it also makes you feel good and is a reminder that things really aren’t that bad. While there’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself to feel sad about being single on Valentine’s Day, let’s not sugar coat it: This is a first world problem. Things truly could be worse. Put some energy into making someone else’s life better.


For all you single people out there: Does not being with someone on Valentine’s Day bother you? How do you make the day easier to handle?

Flying solo? Here are 5 ways to handle Valentine's Day when you're single