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The Bachelor Drinking Game (or Exercise Game for you Dry January overachievers)

The Bachelor Drinking Game (or Exercise Game for you Dry January overachievers)

OK, y'all. Arie is growing on me. It may be because ABC has been shoving the acceptance of him down my throat so much that I've just decided to give up, give in and accept it. ABC is extra thirsty for views and their persistence has paid off because I am back and ready to recap the crap out of this season.

I assume after this week, I'll no longer respond to Arie's name and face the way Michael Bluth responds to George Michael every time Ann is mentioned.

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Until it gets really exciting, there's nothing wrong with making the show a game to help get you through it. For those of you who aren't drinking, I've added a variation that includes getting that tush off the couch.


  1. You hear any variation of “I think I could fall in love with this guy”/“I could see myself marrying him”/etc.
  2. Any of the ladies say: “I didn’t come here to make friends.”
  3. There's mention of cars or driving in some way.
    (I haven't looked it up, is he a driver or something? I TRULY DON'T REMEMBER THIS MAN.)
  4. Someone in the room with you says “Aww!”
    (Double it if you’re the one who said it!)
  5. Anyone on the show finds a strange way to compare their date to falling in love — for example: “Falling while bungee jumping is kind of like falling in love.”
  6. Chris Harrison starts his sentence with “Ladies…”
  7. Chris Harrison makes a pun or awkward joke.
  8. Someone has a job that's NOT A REAL JOB. 
    (I guess unemployed just isn't sexy enough.)

Any other things to add to this list? Happy to keep adding as the season goes on. 

It's been a few years since I last kept up with this show and recapped it, so I hope y'all will enjoy watching with me!

The Bachelor Drinking (or Exercise) Game

The Bachelor Recap: Arie's Season, Episode 1

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