This year I'm bringing back my favorite Christmas tradition

Last Christmas was amazing. Eight of us piled into my parents’ house and stayed there for almost an entire week. My niece and nephew were almost a month old, so every time I wanted a baby I got one! My niece was four at the time and I had the best time watching her open presents.

This year things are going to be a little different. It’s just me and my parents since my brother and his family moved to a different state. They’re only a couple hours away, thank goodness, but it’s a little too much for them to try and come to us for the holiday. And if we were to go there, we’d need to stay in a hotel, which just feels wrong for us.

Now that I know it’s just going to be the three of us, I’m going to bring back a tradition that we used to do when we were younger. Every Christmas Eve, we opened one present. But we always knew what was under the gift wrap: new pajamas!

Several years ago, I tried to bring this tradition back and bought everyone onesie PJs. But I never stuck with it. That all changes this year. (Sometimes being an actual adult with a decent enough paying job comes in handy!)

Mom, dad and I will open our new pajamas on Christmas Eve, put them on, curl up by the fire, and watch a Christmas movie (probably A Christmas Story since it’s always on TV). Then we’ll make Christmas Day a PJ day and start the morning with mimosas, bloody marys, and cinnamon buns.  

I can’t wait to bring this tradition back and keep it going! What’s your favorite family Christmas tradition?

This year I'm bringing back my favorite Christmas tradition