3 gifts you can give a new mom that don’t cost a dime

So far, I’ve had four friends give birth this year. Another who will give birth by the end of the year, and at least two who will be having babies in 2018. While it’s so easy to go overboard on gifts for the new babies – seriously, how am I supposed to pass the baby aisle at Target without going HAM on those cute little clothes – I always make it my goal to do something for those special new moms in my life.

And with so many friends having so many babies, this can get expensive. Until this blog blows up and makes me millions and millions of dollars (spoiler alert: it won’t), I have to come up with other “gifts” that are meaningful, priceless, and free.

Here are the things I give to my friends without spending one cent.

  1. Attention
    Mamas need attention, too! It’s so easy to get caught up in all things baby, but it means a lot when I turn my focus to my friend. First things first: I hug my friend before I even mention the baby. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard new moms mention feeling invisible once the baby is born. Compliments are always great, too (“You’re glowing!” “You look great!” “You’re rocking this whole mom thing!”), but my favorite thing to do is ask genuine questions and truly listen to the answers (“How are you, though?” “Do you need anything?” “How are you holding up?”).
  2. Sleep
    This requires some time, and a friend who needs a nap. But offering to be with the baby while your friend takes a nap is an awesome gift. These sleep-deprived moms are walking around like zombies and the cure is a little shut eye. If you have a friend who’s exhausted, it doesn’t hurt to offer your baby-watching services for an hour or so.
  3. An Ear
    It’s important to me that my friend see me as someone they can say anything to. I know giving birth is beautiful and magical and all that stuff, but what about the not-so-beautiful moments. There’s gotta be some of those, too. And I want to be a soundboard for my friends. Tell me the good, bad, and ugly. Tell me that frustrating thing that happened today. Tell me about the silly thing you did because you were sleep deprived. Listening is one of the most special gifts you can give to someone.


What are ways you support the new mamas in your life without spending money? And if you’re a mom or new mom, what are some ways your friends and family made you feel special and appreciated after giving birth?

3 gifts you can give a new mom that don't cost a dime