My holiday card: Finished product and outtakes

I'd been talking about doing a Christmas card for a while, and initially it was all talk. Without my good friend Sharasa, it would've never happened. 

Like I said. I'm all talk. I have big ideas and then I sit on them and do nothing. (Though to be fair, this blog is a part of my conscious effort to change that.) But I'm grateful to have a friend who said "No, we're doing it," and she reminded me of it regularly.

Once I finally went through the process -- taking photos (awkward photos, might I add), picking the right photos, creating a collage and printing out the cards -- I wondered how it would be received. 

 A couple of years ago, I made some DIY cards that came our horribly. Some were cute, but most looked like they were made by a 3-year-old.  Everyone said thank you, but that's because I have supportive and sweet friends and family. This year, though, I got a fabulous response. Might be something I keep doing every year. 

Here's the finished product:


And here are some of my outtakes. I had so much fun taking photos with my friend's dog and baby.

Turns out you don't have to have your own family or pet to make a holiday card everyone loves (or to win at Christmas, which I've been told I did) -- just steal someone else's.

What was the best card you received this holiday?

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