The Bachelorette Drinking/Exercise Game

Is it me or did this season seem to come really, really quick? I mean I feel like it was just yesterday I was acknowledging that my 1-year-old nephew has more common sense, decency, and, let's be real here, maturity than Arie. Well, you know how the old saying goes: Time flies when you're not obsessed with a reality TV show relationship that's probably not going to last anyways.

But, alas, here I am again, ready to recap and live-tweet one of my favorite guilty pleasures: The Bachelorette. And since I can't help myself, I've decided to do another round of The Bachelorette Drinking/Exercise Game. 

It looks like I'll be focused on the exercise version of this, since I'm no longer the skinny friend in my friend group. But I'll for sure down some wine during the premiere episode.

If you don't know how this game works, don't worry, I'll give you the deets. And if you're wondering why I call it a game when there's potential exercise involved, join the club. 

The rules:

Take a sip of your drink OR do five squats/push-ups/burpees every time...

  1. You hear any variation of “I think I could fall in love with Becca”/“I could see myself marrying her”/etc.
  2. Any of the fellas say: “I didn’t come here to make friends.”
  3. Someone mentions being "here for the right reasons."
  4. There's any mention of Arie by one of the contestants
    (In true ABC fashion, I anticipate them jamming what happened last season down our throats. And since I don't want you to get hammered or have the sorest quads ever, I figured it'd be easier if it only counts when one of the contestants says it.)
  5. Someone in the room with you says “Aww!”
    (Double it if you’re the one who said it!)
  6. Anyone on the show finds a strange way to compare their date to falling in love — for example: “Falling while bungee jumping is kind of like falling in love.”
  7. Anyone says, "Let's do the damn thing."
    (How can I make this so no one ever says this again? Ever.)
  8. Chris Harrison makes a pun or awkward joke.
  9. Someone has a job that's NOT A REAL JOB. 
    (I guess unemployed just isn't sexy enough.)
  10. Someone takes off his shirt.
    (It's inevitable and I am 100% HERE FOR IT.)

Any other things to add to this list? Happy to keep adding as the season goes on.

The Bachelorette Drinking/Exercise Game